We accompany individuals, groups, and organizations as they achieve their growth and results objectives; a journey of evolution and transformation

Exeō (exīre): Latin for I leave, I grow, I succeed
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Exeo is a firm of senior professionals committed to helping people feel better, develop skills, better understand the systems in which they operate, be more present, more efficient, and more effective.

Our complementary set of experiences guide us in the formulation of highly customized solutions that address the needs and expectations of each client.
We take a personalized, innovative, and sustainable approach to each desired outcome – creating the required content, as well as, fostering awareness, motivation, and involvement by all actors to ensure things move forward.

By doing so, Exeo naturally becomes a dedicated, reliable, and real space in which each individual, and its collective, can evolve.

Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for the “design and provision of managerial training courses and business coaching services.”

Leopoldo Ferré
Ferré founded Exeo Consulting in 2004 to create a place where individual development and business results, people and organizations, can coexist in a synergistic dynamic.
Luca Stefano Vanni
As co-founder of Exeo, Vanni is noted for his executive experience, intellectual curiosity and strong sensitivity to issues of solidarity, as well as, the social responsibility of doing business.
Daniela De Luca
When De Luca joined Exeo in 2010, she found the right space in which to support people, their growth potential, awareness, and talents.
Marcella Baiunco
Coach, trainer, and teacher with a passion for individual personal and professional development, particularly for today’s youth.

Paolo Cervari

Coach, trainer, facilitator, and philosophical consultant. Cervari’s varied skillset and vast experience enable him to design and implement accurately customized projects.
Alessandra Corradini
The processes involved in individual and organizational change and transition are her forte. Corradini brings energy and competence to even the most complex international projects.
Alessandro Ferioli
Sensitive to the nuances of different organizational cultures and structures, particularly in the context of Temporary HR Management.
Barbara Gherra
Gherra’s approach combines a wider-holistic perspective with great attention to the needs of the individual as an important cornerstone to effective structuring and capacity building.
Chiara Malagrida
Simply put, Malagrida’s strength is the growth and enhancement of people, towards the improvement of team results.
Giacomo Manara
Theoretical knowledge, experience, and didactic aptitude merge to develop processes for actively supporting the growth and transformation of his clients.
Angelo Scacco
A part of Exeo since its inception, Scacco offers enthusiasm and remarkable competence towards “making things happen” at the individual and business level.

Laura Zambotto

Excels at bringing a sense of freedom to people; supporting a sense of self-actualization through their work via constructive courage and awareness.

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